At a Loss

At a Loss

Williamsport Regional Medical Center, Walnut Room

At a Losshands

Sunday, May 21

Noon – 2 pm

Williamsport Regional Medical Center

Education & Conference Center

700 High Street, Williamsport

We’ve all experienced a “senior moment”. You can’t locate your car keys, you forget where you parked, or you can’t remember why you entered a room.  As we age, many of us joke about “going senile” if we start forgetting or repeating things, but dementia is not a normal  part  of aging. Dementia is an umbrella term that is used to describe the symptoms that people with brain disorders or damage may have with memory, thinking and  language.

Dr. Elizabeth Klucka, Family Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Valley View Nursing Center, will raise your awareness of dementia by explaining the signs, symptoms, and various types. Learn more about the myths surrounding dementia and how you can help your loved ones access the care they need.

Attorney Tammy Weber from Marshall, Parker & Weber will encourage you to have a discussion with your loved ones about plans for adapting to aging-induced changes. Learn the important resources available and have your questions answered about elder law and estate planning.

Don’t miss special guest Jessica Clees, meditation guide and yoga instructor, as she walks you through the steps needed to relieve the stress of daily life, decompress, and reset for the rest of the day with a quick guided meditation refresher.

Registration is required and space is limited! Registration will open on May 3. Call 1-877-883-4791 to register.  A light lunch will be provided.