Day of Dance

Day of Dance

Tioga County Branch YMCA

Day of Dance

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Noon-3 pm

Tioga County Branch YMCA

40-42 Besanceney Drive, Mansfield

Don’t miss this heart-beating, feet-tapping, finger-snapping, fun-loving, laughter-filled day to kick up your health at the Mansfield YMCA.

Invite your girlfriends to join our free Spirit of Women program and attend this exciting event together focusing on good health.

Event includes

  • Participation in fitness and dance demonstrations
  • Free health screenings
  • Shopping with a variety of business vendors including LuLaRoe, doTERRA Essential Oils, Plexus Worldwide and LipSense
  • Prize drawings
  • Free welcome gift


Register by calling 1-888-720-8461.


Important Information

  • Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothes that allow movement so you can participate in the fun.
  • Come and enjoy all or part of the day!


Gym Exercise schedule

12:00     Pound 

12:30     Zumba

1:00     Core De Force

1:30     P90X

2:00     HIT (High Interval Training)

2:30     Intermediate Aerobics


Weight Room schedule

1:30      Strength Training for Women

Class descriptions

Aerobics: This is a light-to-moderate class that works on slowly improving overall flexibility, balance, cardio, and muscular strength.

P90X®: This is a group –focused total body strength and cardio class that incorporates principles from per-sonal training and functional strength coaching. It’s a great way to participate in a strong community of friendly competition, encouragement, and personal fitness breakthroughs.

Core De Force: These workouts are broken into 3 minute rounds just like a real boxing match. For 3 minutes, you will attack Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations. There will be bodyweight moves and a fat-blasting cardio spike in every round. You won’t just burn calories, you’ll blast fat off.

ZUMBA®: Dance your way to a fitter you with this exciting class that incorporates unique Latin moves and rhythms.

Pound: Using weighted drum sticks to pound out bets as one dances and moves to the music. It provides both cardo and strengthen training in one workout.

HIIT (High Intense Interval Training): This class is high interval training technique class in which you give an all-out- one hundred percent effort through quick, intense burst of exercise followed by short, sometime active recovery periods, This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and it burns more fat in less time.

Women Strength training: Demonstration on how to use dump bell weights to build muscle and enhance individual training. This class will be instructed by a female to show the weight room is not just for men.

Circuit Training: Using circuit machines to isolate designated muscle groups. The class will also use other cross fit techniques to develop and enhance muscle definition.