Heart Throb

If you have ever been in love, you understand the phrase, “heart throb.” Remember how just seeing the person caused your heart to beat, or flutter, or throb in your chest? Those extra and very strong “throbbing” heart beats are good for you both emotionally and physically.

Heart Throb (continued)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to begin restoring the “heart throb” in your heart. Think of that person and write down a plan of all the things you will do to help restore them to heart throb status in your heart and in your mind. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start Small – Go out of your way to give them a card (after Valentine’s Day) or leave a Post-It Note on the mirror. Showing that you still love them will open their hearts to display their love to you.
  • Put Yourself First – Get your heart into it and think of what you need to feel good about yourself; a make-over, a new outfit, maybe a facial? Get your glow on as a part of re-kindling your heart throb.
  • Endurance is Key – One little thing won’t be enough to create a change in you or a change in them. Like any physical or mental goal, you’ve got to stick with it and celebrate small changes along the way.
  • Fire it Up – Like a warming fire, a heart throb starts with a small flame. You’ve got to feed it (and poke it a bit) to get a beautiful fire.
  • Body and Soul – Sex and intimacy are important and build closeness. The physicality is great for your heart and vessels and the emotional benefits are even better. Feed the soul with conversation and feed the body with closeness and kind touches.

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